Leave the PowerPoint at home — PLAYSTUDIO programs are experiential and human

Look at more stuff.

Think about it harder.

Also known as LAMSTAIH. It’s the core philosophy that drives everything we do. LAMSTAIH gets you away from your desk and your cell phone so that you can seek inspiration in more stuff, and think about how these insights can change your business.

You can count on PLAYSTUDIO programs to look and feel different than your next meeting at the office. We believe that business challenges benefit from personal engagement and real experiences so we design programs that harness people’s heads and hearts.

We’re slightly disruptive. PLAYSTUDIO programs dial up the energy in the room and challenge traditional thinking to push the boundaries of people’s creative mindsets. We design programs with a strong visual sensibility: the more senses we engage in the experience of learning, the better. We’re also focused on results so we carefully plan ahead and ensure workshop deliverables can be easily carried forward by client teams.

To learn more about PLAYSTUDIO, please contact Catherine Strotmeyer at cstrotmeyer@prophet.com.