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In Defense of Workshops: Four workshop examples — Frito Lay, GE, Trustmark, and Timberland — show that workshops can be highly effective for engaging individuals and teams around innovation challenges and bringing new ideas to the business.

Inspiration As a Discipline: Inspiration is a discipline that requires deliberate practice. A new equation — inspiration + creativity = innovation — reveals that focusing on the input is key to gaining new output. Read the article and watch the webinar.

Look At More Stuff, Think About It Harder: Innovation can change your perception. It’s what our LAMSTAIH methodology is all about.

The 5M Model of Systemic Innovation: Mood, mindset, mechanisms, measurement, and momentum — these 5 Ms are an interconnected, comprehensive framework for understanding innovation at your organization.

How to Come up With a Breakthrough Marketing Idea: In a nutshell, explore the world of possibilities.

Talking Business with Andy Stefanovich: Get Andy’s take on innovation and creativity in business, inspiration, and the “human energy crisis.”

Where Do the Best Ideas Come From: The Unlikeliest Sources: Inspiration is the secret sauce for serving up innovation success.