Inspiration + Creativity

For the last twenty years, we have combined inspiration and creativity to solve the most demanding business objectives of Fortune 500 companies. We strategically select the most impactful sources of inspiration to fuel our unique creative process. Our approach has been successful in tackling a wide variety of business challenges related to:

  • Brand
  • Marketing
  • Consumer insights
  • Product development
  • Customer experience
  • Business planning
  • White space identification
  • Growth strategy
  • Innovation capabilities
  • Leadership development

We are able to address your specific business needs by customizing sources of inspiration and overall program design to align with your desired outcomes. PLAYSTUDIO programs often take the form of workshops and involve key players within your organization. These workshops are designed and led by consultants with experience in our innovation practice so that your team is inspired, engaged and ready to execute.

Our off-the-shelf programs are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest and greatest thinking from our team. To learn more about these programs, please contact Catherine Strotmeyer at