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  • The Evolved Enterprise

    Three Paths to Unlocking Growth Through Digital Transformation

Getting into the Business of Experience

The Challenge

Many companies are solving experience problems in both digital and physical environments that delight customers in new ways. Yet, others are still scrambling to keep experiences consistent and on message across channels, markets and lines of business. And, while messaging was once clearly under the control of marketing, the responsibility for experience – which now requires help from many disciplines – is diffused, owned and driven by different departments. As a result, the overall customer experience is still disjointed; companies recognize how critical it is for growth, but struggle to deliver.

The Solution

No business can escape the ever-rising bar of customer experience: Online, offline, in retail or in B2B, once a customer has been won over by an experience like Spotify, Amazon or Netflix, they want to know why all transactions aren’t as satisfying. From travel to consumer goods to business transactions, customers expect to be recognized, heard and taken care of. They are demanding personalized and automated experiences.

Those can only come from companies with a holistic approach, aligning experiences with business goals. In short, organizations must make philosophical and structural changes to get in the “business of experience.” That means companies need to make five fundamental shifts to become more customer experience-centric (see chart):

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