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Becoming a truly consumer-centric organization in the healthcare industry is no easy feat. It requires hard work, and progress can often seem to be in the hands of unpredictable and ever-changing government policy. But the rewards of making these shifts are well worth the struggle, bettering the healthcare industry for patients, physicians, governments and other stakeholders.

In a world where healthcare organizations have made the five shifts, consumers would not only have a voice similar to what they experience in other industries, but also, the ability to manage their lives in a way that keeps them healthy and out of the hospital.

Learn more about the state of consumerism for payers, providers and pharma and how to apply the five shifts to become more consumer-centric.

If Healthcare Organizations...

Consistently made CX a priority

Consumers would...

  • Enjoy experiences like those they have in other industries
  • Be more loyal to healthcare brands

Worked to connect the healthcare industry

Consumers would...

  • Worry less about care logistics
  • Miss fewer appointments and recover faster

Focused on individuals instead of populations

Consumers would...

  • Get personalized care that leads to greater health outcomes
  • Have the support they need to more effectively manage their health conditions

Focused on innovation

Consumers would...

  • Have access to more relevant tools to manage their health
  • Anticipate healthcare experiences with delight, rather than dread

Integrated insights into decision making

Consumers would...

  • Know their specific needs were being met
  • Have better relationships with healthcare brands

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