Digital Transformation
Isn't Just About Technology.

Digital Transformation: Customer-Driven, Technology Enabled.

Companies know they must embrace digital to grow, but too often they start the process at the end – with technology. We start with the customer. Only through deep behavioral insights about their customers can companies pinpoint the right innovation opportunities and brand experiences.

Prophet's world-class consulting capabilities -- combined with Altimeter's research-based frameworks -- enables us to help clients understand and act on digital as a transformative force in their business. Our digital transformation assessment provides clients a roadmap to understand, accelerate and accomplish their business goals.

By combining our strengths in building relevant brands and experiences and accelerating growth, with our deep digital expertise we help companies grow better in the short and long term.

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We Solve:

How is digital disruption impacting/affecting my industry?

Where do I start my digital transformation journey?

How do I transform my brand, marketing, or business model in light of digital disruption?

How should I define my digital strategy?

We Offer:

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

Digital Communications and Campaigns

Digital Marketing Plans and Playbooks

Business Model Innovation or Invention

Customer Data Value Exchange

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