The Content Marketing Software Landscape

Our new research report, The Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions, published to help marketers navigate the tangled and complex content marketing software landscape.

It used to be so easy. You wrote content and posted it to your web site or blog. Perhaps you did a little keyword research, or looked at web analytics for inspiration or refinement.

Content marketing has grown exponentially in complexity, and that’s before the fact that it’s also begun to converge with paid and earned media. We’re far beyond the sign up for a WordPress account and hire a blogger phase of content marketing. In fact, Altimeter Group has identified three overarching scenarios and eight broad content marketing use cases.

To add to this complexity, each individual use case comes with a host of more granular sub-categories that must each be addressed with technology.

Content Marketing Use Cases

The vendor landscape may not be quite as vast as your programming choices, but it’s pretty darn big with well over 100 vendors offering a variety of solutions, and it’s growing exponentially as investment and M&A activity reach a crescendo in the sector. This leaves content marketers at a loss.

Yet selecting content marketing tools doesn’t end with content marketing needs. Integration and interoperability are major factors that cannot be omitted from any technology consideration.

Content Marketing Integration Needs

Marketers’ questions are manifold:

  • What content marketing tools and technologies are right for my enterprise?
  • What vendors should we consider?
  • Will our choice scale with future needs?
  • Are integration concerns being addressed?
  • What tools can help us achieve strategic goals, such as measurement and targeting?
  • How can technology help integrated owned media with paid and earned initiatives?

These are the concerns our research hopes to address. The Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions isn’t a scorecard of vendor capabilities. Rather, it provides a framework, as well as a pragmatic checklist, to help marketers determine their actual needs, then to pinpoint those vendors offering the solutions that match their requirements. It won’t tell you which vendor to pick (obviously, that would be presumptuous without a much deeper, more personalized dive). But it will help narrow and define a highly mutable and complex marketplace.

As with all Altimeter Group research, The Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions is available at no charge under our Open Research model. Please use it, share it, and let us know what you think of it.


Additional Resources

  • All report graphics are available on Flickr.
  • Preview the Report on SlideShare below:

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