Research Agenda for the Remainder of 2014

Twice a year, we publish our planned research agenda. You can see the first half of the year’s agenda and what’s already been published here. Today, we’re excited to announce our planned research for the remainder of the year.

Our planned research agenda spans five core coverage areas: Digital Transformation, Social Business, Data Disruption, Content Strategy, and Leadership. Research may take the form of a formal report or it may be delivered as a blog post, webinar, or presentation.

Ever wonder how to contribute to our research? We’re always looking to connect with brands and technology vendors who can share their insights and experiences. If you believe you have a contribution to make to any of our planned research topics below, please submit a briefing request. If you have a suggestion for future research topics, we’d love to hear from you as well — email me your suggestions at

Click on the image below to view our agenda in calendar format, or scroll down to see it by coverage area.

Research Agenda 06.02.14

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Catalysts & Inhibitors
The Three Elements of Digital Transformation
The Hero’s Journey: The Path of the Change Agent for Digital Transformation
Marketing Cloud: Technology Platform for the Modern Marketer
Building a Culture of Innovation

Social Business
Leveraging Social Identity to Know and Engage Customers More Effectively
Using Social to Increase Employee Engagement & Advocacy
Managing the Execution of Social Business Strategy Through Governance
Benchmark Data: Digital Budgeting & Planning

Data Disruption
How Big Data is Disrupting and Redefining Digital Entertainment
Big Data Industry Use Cases

Content Strategy
Content Marketing Software RFP Template
Measuring Content Marketing

The Development of the Digital Executive

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