How to Select the Right Content Marketing Software

Earlier this year, Altimeter Group set out to define the content marketing software ecosystem in our research report, Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions. We found that the content marketing space is rife with challenges, both internal to the organization and externally across the ecosystem. The following infographic helps visualize this struggle.


Internally, some 70% of organizations we surveyed lack a consistent or integrated content strategy. Moreover, only 10% of organizations claim integration across their existing toolsets, and 40% lack any inter-departmental coordination on content whatsoever. With the pressure for content creation expanding in every direction, content marketers are juggling content needs across the organization. Marketers and vendors surveyed identify more than 30 distinct integration needs.

Externally, the content marketing software landscape is growing quickly and getting complicated. Today there are well over a hundred vendors in the space and more cropping up each day. Adding to the confusion content marketers face is the ever-evolving channel and media complexity and obtaining the appropriate toolset to execute across this complexity.

Our research outlines how marketers can make sense of all this noise by identifying, defining, and mapping vendors to the eight primary content marketing use cases. Marketers should begin by:

  1. Mapping business objectives to these eight use cases
  2. Prioritizing those use cases (and related integration needs)
  3. Shortlisting vendors against use cases

To help content marketers gain a sense of where to begin navigating vendors, Altimeter asked vendors to rank the top three content marketing use cases supported by their platforms. The infographic below shows #1 rankings only. Marketers can find the top three rankings in the full report here.

We hope you find this a helpful first step in your vendor assessment. If you’re a content marketer trying to navigate this space, please get in touch. Altimeter offers a variety of services to organizations around content strategy alignment, governance, optimization, and vendor selection. Or, if you’ve recently implemented a new content marketing solution, we would love to hear from you!

For more information, download the full report: Content Marketing Software Landscape: Marketer Needs & Vendor Solutions.

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