Digital Darwinism’s Impact on Customer Experience

Digital Darwinism is the realignment of, or new investment in technology, business models, and processes to create new value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever- changing digital economy. Much of my research recently has been to explore how digital Darwinism is impacting our experiences with businesses, products and services.

A misconception about customer experience is that it’s something that can be executed with one event, message, promotion or product feature. Customer experience isn’t just a singular touch point where you “surprise and delight” your customers. Customer experience is the sum of each touch point along the customer journey. Are you in reach when your customer’s need you? Do consumers have access to you/your product where they need it? Is the user experience intuitive or easy to navigate? How do your products make consumers feel? Do you offer speedy, friendly support? Do you offer anything unique or different from competitors? Is your brand relentlessly relevant?

Believe it or not, trying to answer these questions is where digital transformation and experience design intersect. I talked with Oracle about this exact topic recently at an innovation in customer experience event. Watch the 1:20 overview.

How Digital Disruption is Changing Customer Experience

Brian Solis

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