Mature and effective companies use digital content, not just in marketing, but across their organization. Content can do more than simply achieve the typical marketing objectives of creating brand awareness or maintaining brand health. It can now promote loyalty, create transparency, fuel a community, provide technical support and even generate direct revenue.

Altimeter Research

The Five Stages of Digital Content Maturity

Learn the five indicators of digital content maturity.

The State of Digital Content

A 2016 survey explains how content can be used to achieve business goals.

Crafting a Digital Strategy

A process and checklist for digital strategy development.

Our Latest Thinking

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Take the Quiz: How Mature Is Your Digital Content Strategy?

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Altimeter’s Top 13 Digital Trends For 2017

The top technology, business and digital trends leaders should be thinking about in 2017.

How Altimeter Can Help With Your Content Strategy

Altimeter’s content strategy offering comprises three different services that can be pursued individually or holistically, depending on the needs and maturity of your organization.

Content Strategy Workshop

An all-day workshop that aligns multiple stakeholders in the company around a content strategy that solves customer pain points, as well as delivers on business objectives.

Content Audit

Based on a 50+ point diagnostic and extensive stakeholder interviews, Altimeter’s content audit benchmarks your company’s content initiatives and capabilities.

Content Strategy Roadmap

Altimeter will work with you to build a content strategy roadmap for the future. We will conduct interviews with key stakeholders in the company, including the core team and representatives from the business units most impacted and involved in content.