As we are continually reminded, data is everywhere. But, what are organizations actually doing with it? Altimeter’s research focuses on the strategic issues facing executives, from how organizations and their leaders extract real insight from data to what is necessary to retain and build trust with consumers. These issues become even more important with the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Altimeter Research

Image Intelligence

Unlocking the predictive potential of visual content.

The Data-Driven Business

How industry leaders use data to create value.

The Trust Imperative

A framework for an organization’s ethical data use.

Our Latest Thinking

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How Altimeter Can Support Your Data Strategy


Artificial Intelligence Advisory

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly relevant, yet somewhat elusive area of technology. Many business leaders struggle to understand its short- and long-term opportunities, and how to prioritize AI technologies within a larger business strategy. Altimeter offers a set of services, from purely educational to strategic, to help organizations learn more about AI, discover and prioritize the ways they can apply it to their business and connect with resources who can help them achieve their objectives.

Social Data Strategy

Social data is still largely isolated from business-critical enterprise data. This can yield isolated findings that lead to partially-informed decisions, internal discord, missed opportunities and lack of visibility. Altimeter’s Social Data Intelligence Roadmap (SDIR) helps companies use social signals and data to drive better business decisions.