Social media has changed how people communicate, learn and express themselves. It has also given businesses new ways to engage consumers in the buying cycle by applying social media tools and techniques to an array of business goals, such as employee engagement and collaboration, recruiting and even managing their supply chain. We call this broad application of social media, social business. Our research on social business has made Altimeter a trusted advisor among leading brands today.

Altimeter Research

The 2016 State of Social Business

Balancing the role of innovator and integrator.

Social Media Employee Advocacy

Tapping into the power of an engaged workforce.

The 2015 State of Social Business

Priorities shift from scaling to integrating.

Our Latest Thinking

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Learn to configure the right enablement tools stack to manage social and understand ROI.

How To Kill The Social Media Accounts You Don’t Need

Learn how to align your social media account architecture with organizational goals.

Social Business Maturity Boosts Customer Loyalty & Profits

Programs have stronger financial returns and earn customer loyalty.

How Altimeter Can Assist With Your
Social Business Strategy


Social Business Maturity Assessment

Answering the question “How can I use social media to meet business goals?” begins by understanding your starting point. Altimeter has evaluated dozens of businesses with our in-depth quantitative maturity assessment. Clients who use this assessment get an expert’s view of their readiness to leverage social business, and an industry benchmark to learn how their maturity level compares to others. Altimeter provides pragmatic, specific advice to close gaps that prevent clients from reaching their full potential as a social business.

Social Business Strategy

Altimeter’s social business strategy offer gives organizations a three-year roadmap that is tied to specific business goals, including a vision, objectives, initiatives, staffing, resources and organizational planning. The work includes several stages that can be conducted individually or holistically depending on your company’s social business maturity level.

Social Business Governance

Often an afterthought, the people, policy, process and practices required to execute a strategy are critical. Social business strategy requires an operational plan that addresses how to scale, improve customer experience, manage risk and more. Altimeter offers a detailed, research-based assessment of current social business governance that provides specific, pragmatic advice to create operational excellence. Following the establishment of a baseline assessment and the identification of critical gaps, we facilitate a workshop among key stakeholders to seek alignment on decision-making roles, governing policy/processes and the identification of key practices, such as training, tools and organizational structure.

Employee Advocacy

To activate a workforce on behalf of your brand takes careful planning. Given the scale of impact, risks and the nascent nature of employee advocacy, we offer precise guidance about employee policy, training and strategic planning.


Adopting social business requires more than technology, strategy and governance–it takes a workforce educated in how social tools and techniques can impact the business. Based on our research, we’ve identified how to raise the level of employee skills needed to attain social business excellence. Our delivery includes work as high-level as a learning plan, down to specific employee training and certification scripts.