April 2014

At Prophet, we’re focused on three things: Driving growth, transforming customer experiences and building strong brands. Driving growth is an unrelenting challenge. One that requires fresh thinking and new approaches. The articles featured in this edition of our newsletter focus on how to drive growth, and do it quickly. The key lies in exploiting customer needs. When you understand your customers, their needs, their perceptions and their motivations - you win.

Read, share and let us know: How are you working to drive growth within your company?

White Paper: Enabling the Drive for Business Growth
What does it take to build a company that understands what it takes to consistently achieve above-average growth? Research has shown that businesses that achieve consistent, above-average growth are the exception, not the rule. There is no magic elixir, nor silver bullet. But the common ground among market leaders led us to identify best practices they’ve put into place to help them meet the growth agenda effectively, efficiently and consistently. Read more…

10 Quick Way to Drive Organic Growth
Quick wins are crucial to any growth strategy. They build momentum and fund investment for longer-term growth initiatives. At Prophet, we’ve developed a checklist of ten rapid revenue drivers based on the repeated achievements of successful growth organizations. Read more...

Drive Growth Today for a Stronger Tomorrow
In our experience, the most fruitful way to achieve rapid revenue gains is to radically rethink the way you connect with your customers. Customer needs, perceptions and motivations hold the key to answering the two questions that should drive every growth strategy: “Where to play?” and “How to win?” These two questions determine where a company can create lasting customer value and how to deliver it. Read more...

5 Essentials to Organic B2B Growth
B2B growth leaders prioritize meaningful innovation. They target customers who appreciate value and are willing to pay more for it. They create and deliver solutions that are hard to duplicate. Put simply, these companies think through where to play and how to win one application, one industry segment at a time. We’ve worked with B2B companies with a strong track record of sustained, profitable revenue building and have since identified five growth essentials for success. Read more…

5 Lessons from T-Mobile’s Game-Changing Strategy
Typical mobile industry players are regarded as arrogant and insensitive to the frustrations of the consumers. It’s an industry that has long frustrated customers with complex plans, locked-in contracts, restrictions against upgrading phones and the loss of investments in existing devices. But now, T-Mobile has introduced a game changer to the market. Read more…

Client Successes
Turkish Airlines:

Launching a “Delightfully Different” experience
Bank of East Asia:
Creating a bold statement in retail banking
Last Mile Health:
Developing a new brand positioning and identity

In the News
Vice Chairman and Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley David Aaker was profiled by California Magazine
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis was quoted on the power of "lifetime guarantees" in AdWeek
Associate Partner Mike Fleming published an article, "4 Ways B2B Marketers Unify Their Organizations For Growth" on CMO.com.
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis and Chief Digital Officer Chan Suh spoke to Branding Magazine about aggressive branding in the digital age

Spotlight on Speaking
Chief Digital Officer Summit NYC
April 22–23 — New York City
Our Chief Digital Officer Chan Suh will share career advice in the panel disucssion "From CDO to CEO" at this premier event for digital strategy leaders and executives.

Brand Management,
Corporate Communication & Social Media

May 5–7 — Chicago
Chief Growth Officer Scott Davis and Kati Everett, Vice President of Marketing and PR at Novant Health will present "Novant Health: Creating a differentiated brand and customer experience." Enter the promo code "SPEAKER" for 50% off registration!

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Consultant's Corner

We’re all reading the same thing this month: Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success.

Our Vice Chairman David Aaker has done it again. In just 200 pages, his latest book (releasing July 2014) provides a broad understanding of brands and brand building that every strategist should know. Whether you’re looking for a refresher course or you lack a background in branding and need to get caught up to speed quickly, Aaker on Branding provides the roadmap.

Right now, for a limited time, you can purchase 25 or more copies and save 42%. Share the knowledge with your entire team - Click here for more information.

David Aaker on LinkedIn:
Is The Influence of Brands Fading?

James Surowieck recently published an article in The New Yorker entitled “Twilight of the Brands,” in which he suggests that brands are losing their ability to influence consumers. I disagree. I think the role of brand equity and the nature of brand building are changing as a result of the social web, but they’re not fading.

Scott Davis on Forbes.com:
Burberry's Blurred Lines: The Integrated Customer Experience
What brands really ‘get it’ when it comes to customer experience today? The question extends beyond great digital customer journeys—Zappos, Peapod, Travelocity or AirBnB— and great physical customer spaces—Nordstrom, BMW, Southwest or Virgin. What company has so seamlessly integrated its online and offline experience that it never feels like two different companies? I’m looking right at Burberry.

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