May 2015

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How to Drive Relentless Relevance in a Changing World

Is your organization committed to these four big ideas that will make your brand relentlessly relevant?

Creating Breakthrough Customer Experience

Read real-life client examples of companies transforming their interactions with consumers.

5 Digital Transformation Imperatives

Leaders face a stark choice: transform digitally on behalf of customers, or risk being abandoned. Read more on how to unlock your digital growth.

Case Study: Keurig Green Mountain

See our work energizing an iconic portfolio.

Expertise: Design — engage, create, experience

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It’s time for CMOs to take charge of Big Data — DigitalNext by @ProphetBrand’s Shiv Gupta
via @ProphetBrand

Driving Better Growth: Lance Batchelor

Hear Saga’s CEO discuss growth in a multi-faceted, international organization.

Question of the Quarter

Customers are more empowered than ever before. Should brands focus on driving relevance, or driving differentiation? Submit your answer and see what others think.

eBook: 7 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Innovate the Patient Experience

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David Aaker on LinkedIn:
How to Win the Race for Brand Relevance

The biggest threat facing most brands today is the loss of relevance, because the category or subcategory they are serving is declining. If a group of customers wants a battery-powered car, it doesn't matter how much they love your hybrid brand. It will not be relevant. Read more.

Scott Davis on
The Future of Marketing: A Conversation with David Aaker
I have had the great fortune of spending the past 15 years of my career working side by side with one of the greatest marketing and business minds of our lifetime, David Aaker. I studied, quoted, learned and even stole from Dave’s landmark work on brand in my formative days at P&G and my early days in consulting. My first book, Brand Asset Management, was a homage to Dave and I can honestly say there isn’t a finer man or thought leader who continues to remain as relevant as my friend Dave Aaker. Read More.

The Inspiratory
An online destination for the interested and interesting to come and be inspired. A community that welcomes marketers and others with an interest in brand and marketing’s role and impact to come and push their thinking on current industry stories and trends. Read more.

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