December 2009

Prophet’s Top 9 From ’09

2009 was a memorable year for some of the wrong reasons. But despite its rigors, the climate provided fertile ground to push thinking on various issues and challenges which the economy uncovered. The need for marketing and marketers to be smarter and more accountable to better drive business performance. The reputation quotient — more tenuous — and valuable — than ever before. The quest for innovation and visionary leadership.

On the cusp of our departure from 2009, we provide a countdown of the most popular Prophet-authored articles of the year. Enjoy our “Top 9 From ’09” with our best wishes for a great holiday season and a new year that brings a continued upturn.

#9 Economy Spells Opportunity to Evaluate Brand Portfolio
By Jorge Aguilar and Larry Lucas

The authors explore how companies can achieve long-term success by using the economic turbulence to rethink and optimize their businesses and portfolios in preparation for the economic recovery. (Brandchannel)

#8 How to Cope With Aging Brands
By Joseph Gelman
Brands and even whole categories that were once important for a particular consumer segment lose relevance as society evolves and tastes change. Should you completely lose your current brand equity association so you can become relevant to new consumers? (World Advertising Research Center)

#7 Spanning Silos: Q&A with David Aaker
Prophet Vice Chairman David Aaker sits down with Brilliant Results magazine to discuss concepts from his book, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative. (Brilliant Results)

#6 Shifting Retailers Respond to “Season of Discontent”
By Peter Dixon and Scott Davis
Retailers have always been driven by the seasons. The holidays, of course, and particularly Christmas. Fall and back to school. The ushering-in of spring and summer, with promotions around fun and leisurely pursuits. Since the recession officially reared its head in January of 2008, retailing has added a new season to its lineup: the “season of discontent.” (Retail Customer Experience)

#5 The Reputation Challenge: Building Corporate Reputation to Drive Business Performance
By Aneysha Pearce
Corporate reputation must be built. It must be supported and managed. And, it must be an authentic reflection of the business — its culture, value system, and behaviors. Businesses that expect to experience the kinds of success achieved by best-practice organizations will understand that truth. And they will create and live the kind of meaningful purpose that will allow them, too, to more effectively reap the benefits of a strong reputation. (Prophet White Paper)

#4 Welcome to the Network Era
By Scott Davis
Scott Davis discusses the concept behind Shift 2 from his latest book. He writes about managing the network opportunity for your business, and the challenges to understanding and embracing these dynamics. (800ceoread)

#3 Achieving Accountable Marketing: Six Critical Value Levers Must Be Pulled
By Michael Dunn
Accountable marketing performance is an achievable goal, says Michael Dunn. By focusing on and unlocking the power of the six critical value levers, the marketing organization will prove out its value to the business as a whole as the creative yet rational source of future growth. (Brandchannel)

#2 The Inspiration Discipline
By Andy Stefanovich
A common scenario in corporate headquarters these days features the Chief Innovation Officer having a meeting with her Innovation Council in the recently completed, state-of-the-art Innovation Room, frowning at the results of efforts to create a “culture of innovation.” Why don’t they have it? Why aren’t they getting the output they need? Andy Stefanovich provides some answers. (

#1 2009 State of Marketing Study: The Shift
Our 2009 study, conducted in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers, aimed to understand how marketers are shifting their roles from supporting business growth to being in the driver’s seat and leading the growth agenda. Elevating marketing to a higher level requires both mindset and cultural shifts that start with, but are by no means limited to, marketing leadership. Our study uncovered that while marketers from all walks and at all levels understand the need to effect such shifts, they’re further away from its realization than they think. (Prophet Study)

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