The Shift: The Transformation of Today’s Marketers Into Tomorrow’s Growth Leaders

By Scott M. Davis

The days of marketers operating in a vacuum, with marketing and business strategies being devised independently of one another, are ending. The best marketers are now creating integrated perspectives that start with the growth objectives of their entire organization.
In The Shift, Prophet Senior Partner Scott Davis, explores the new role marketers need to play. Drawing on two decades of experience, and using case studies and insights from leading marketers at GE, Walmart, Charles Schwab, P&G, Burger King, IBM, Boeing, and others, Davis identifies and outlines the five shifts marketers must undertake to fundamentally shift the role of marketing and help drive both the growth agenda and bottom-line results.

This book shows marketing executives how to:

  • Balance short-term pressures to show results, while staying aligned with the enterprise’s longer-term vision
  • Drive innovation, while figuring out how to best align internal resources with external opportunities
  • Navigate the never-ending array of media choices, both old and new, to reach customers in ways that are meaningful to its customers
  • Operate and win in an increasingly complex global environment as well as within an even more complex organizational environment (read: siloed and hierarchical).
  • Win over critical internal stakeholders while shaping the opinions of Wall Street analysts.

Scott Davis’ new book is a must-read for marketers and organizations that intend to advance and thrive in today’s fast-paced and challenging business environment.

More than ever, the role of marketing has to be to drive profitable growth by unlocking customer insights. The Shift provides inspiring examples of how leading marketers are getting it done.”
—Cammie Dunaway, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America
Forget the CMO. Long live the integrated agenda of the Chief Growth and Visionary Officer!!!”
—Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

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