Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant

By David Aaker

Success in dynamic markets involves creating offerings so innovative that they create new categories or subcategories — making competitors irrelevant. This groundbreaking book shows how brands such as Prius, Whole Foods Market,, Zipcar, Wheaties Fuel, Muji, Asahi Beer, GE, and Apple have turned away from destructive brand preference competition to focus on winning the brand relevance war.

With powerful case studies, David shows how it is done from concept generation and evaluation to defining and managing the image of the new categories and subcategories to creating barriers to competitors. Brand relevance is also a threat to established companies and he shows how brands can avoid going into decline by becoming irrelevant. Brands that can create and manage new categories or subcategories making competitors irrelevant will prosper while others will be mired in debilitating marketplace battles or will be losing relevance and market position.

Brand Relevance was recently listed by Ad Age as one of the "Ten Marketing Books You Should Have Read" in 2011, as well as by strategy+business as one of the "Best Business Books of 2011." Aaker's work was also listed by 800 CEO READ on the "2011 Business Book Awards: The Short List," as one of the top 5 marketing books of year.

Aaker has nailed it (again)!! The long-term viability of a business is inextricably linked to gaining a brand relevance advantage through new category and subcategory development and unique positioning
—Joe Tripodi, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Coca-Cola
Most of our work as brand builders is reactionary, chasing each other’s ideas. The result is a marketplace of sameness. David Aaker gives us fresh principles and real ideas to change that, to be truly innovative, to raise our game
—Jim Stengel, Former CMO, P&G
Brand Relevance shows how finding a higher purpose, a characteristic of great companies, can affect which brands customers perceive as relevant.
—Tony Hsieh, Author, Delivering Happiness and CEO of

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