Building the Brand-Driven Business

By Michael Dunn and Scott M. Davis

Every time an employee gets to touch a customer or a customer gets to touch a brand, the company gets the opportunity to either reinforce its brand promise or totally denigrate it. In Building the Brand-Driven Business, authors Scott M. Davis and Michael Dunn, two of the nation’s foremost experts on brands, map out a strategy that can help an entire organization manage and live (not just think about) its brand. Using case studies, best practices, and interviews with practitioners, this book will help readers tackle tough implementation issues such as, “How do I get sales and customer service to recognize they are critical to the long-term success of our brand and our company?” or “If senior management does not buy into ‘branding,’ will anyone?” or “What fundamental changes do I need to make to have everyone use our brand as a touchstone?”.

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