Change Agent Webinar Series: Transforming the Work of Marketing with Gap and Electrolux

By Scott M. Davis

Our 4th Change Agent webinar focused on innovation, and we showcased leading marketers sharing their transformative stories.

Our featured speakers:
- Seth Farbman, Chief Marketing Officer, The Gap 
- MaryKay Kopf, Chief Marketing Officer, Electrolux 

The landscape is changing rapidly and marketers must change along with it. They need to play a critical role in helping their companies not only survive, but thrive. That's why we are committed to transforming the work of marketing: ensuring marketing is no longer just about ads and spreadsheets, but rather it is about driving innovation: creating bigger ideas, relevant offerings, engaging experiences, and new opportunities. 

Seth and MaryKay discuss how they are addressing the challenges they are facing, developing marketing strategies and organizations that work, sharing best practices, and more.

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