Interested and Interesting: Episode Five

By Josh Epperson

Every project requires time, people and money. Most of the time we think of these things as constraints that restrict our possibilities. But what if we let these perceived constraintsactivate our creativity?

In 2006, Brooklyn based indie-rock band Bishop Allen took the constraints of producing an album and turned them into an opportunity. They started the EP a Month Project. Essentially, the band produced, released and distributed a 4-song EP every month for a year. The project changed the band’s approach to writing music entirely and was instrumental to the bands success.

In this episode of Interested and Interesting, we talk with the founding members of Bishop Allen and explore the story of the EP a Month Project. How did they turn the constraints of music writing into a transforming innovation for the band? How can you take the lessons learned by Bishop Allen and apply them to changing your business? [Music by Bishop Allen]

From Prophet’s curator and provocateur team, Interested and Interesting is a monthly exploration of the business of brand, marketing, innovation, digital, design, and analytics. Hosts Geof and Josh introduce listeners to inspiring stories that engage and illustrate business principles in an abstract, provocative way. Our goal – to inspire listeners and liberate ideas to help drive business growth.

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