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Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping Into the Power of an Engaged Social Workforce

The use of employees to advocate on behalf of their brand is nothing new, but a combination of market forces and growing comfort with social business has created a tipping point for the growth of formalized Employee Advocacy programs. In the latest Altimeter, a Prophet Company report, Ed Terpening and Aubrey Littleton surveyed brands to understand their motivations for investing in them; employees to understand what motivates them to share information about work; and finally, consumers, to learn how shared content resonates with them and how it effects their actions and impressions. In this webcast, Ed and Aubrey reveal key research findings from the report and offer recommendations for brands that seek to adopt formalized employee advocacy programs. To hear the audio that accompanies these slides, watch a recording: View the full report: Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping Into the Power of an Engaged Workforce Continue reading →

Published 04-07-2016
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Prophet 2014 Healthcare Exchange Consumer Study Results

Eight million people signed up for insurance plans via public exchanges in the first year of the Affordable Care Act, yet an estimated 40+ million still remain uninsured. When annual enrollment opens again in October, how should companies change their tactics and targets based on experiences in year one? It’s time to learn from year one, and plan for year two and beyond. We've released our findings from our 2014 survey of consumer attitudes and experiences with the Affordable Care Act’s first healthcare exchange open enrollment period. The survey of 1000 American adults shows that while nearly half of respondents plan to purchase healthcare on the exchange in the future, concerns over cost, confusion over subsidies and general distrust of health insurance companies persist. To hear the audio that accompanies these slides, watch a recording of our webinar here: To view a comprehensive white paper detailing our findings, click here: To download an infographic reporting key statistics from our survey, click here: Continue reading →

Published 06-19-2014
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Interested and Interesting: Episode Five

Every project requires time, people and money. Most of the time we think of these things as constraints that restrict our possibilities. But what if we let these perceived constraintsactivate our creativity? In 2006, Brooklyn based indie-rock band Bishop Allen took the constraints of producing an album and turned them into an opportunity. They started the EP a Month Project. Essentially, the band produced, released and distributed a 4-song EP every month for a year. The project changed the band’s approach to writing music entirely and was instrumental to the bands success. In this episode of Interested and Interesting, we talk with the founding members of Bishop Allen and explore the story of the EP a Month Project. How did they turn the constraints of music writing into a transforming innovation for the band? How can you take the lessons learned by Bishop Allen and apply them to changing your business? [Music by Bishop Allen] From Prophet’s curator and provocateur team, Interested and Interesting is a monthly exploration of the business of brand, marketing, innovation, digital, design, and analytics. Hosts Geof and Josh introduce listeners to inspiring stories that engage and illustrate business principles in an abstract, provocative way. Our goal – to inspire listeners and liberate ideas to help drive business growth. Continue reading →

Published 10-30-2012
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Prophet's 2011-2012 Corporate Reputation Study Results Webinar

Consumers’ opinions of various companies and industries have changed dramatically over the past year. Many companies have seen their reputation scores fall. Prophet Partner Jeff Smith outlined our latest research and uncovered who’s leading the reputation race according to US consumers in our 3rd Annual Corporate Reputation Study webinar.  Continue reading →

Published 04-04-2012
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State of Marketing Study on Brand Building

In its State of Marketing Study 2011 Prophet surveyed more than 150 senior and C-level executives from companies in a variety of industries. Listen to Jesse Purewal, Andy Flynn, and Mike Leiser as they will share how senior executives in both marketing and general management are grappling with a variety of pressures as they seek to drive growth and build brand equity. Continue reading →

Published 06-30-2011
More about Mike Leiser and Jesse Purewal
Corporate Reputation: How your reputation affects your bottom line

In this webinar, Jeff Smith outlines results from our 2010–2011 Corporate Reputation study, which measured the reputations of 145 companies among nearly 5,000 U.S. consumers. Jeff discusses key drivers of success for companies and industries that are leading the ranks. Continue reading →

Published 03-11-2011
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Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant

David Aaker discusses concepts from his new book, Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant. Continue reading →

Published 01-12-2011
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The Shift Summary

Do you have what it takes to make the transition from Tactician Marketer to Visionary Marketer? Tune in to view a web cast outlining key concepts from Scott Davis' latest book, The Shift, and listen to a podcast interview with Scott where he discusses key concepts from the book. Continue reading →

Published 04-12-2010
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The Shift: The Transformation of Today’s Marketers Into Tomorrow’s Growth Leaders

This webinar, done in conjunction with the ANA, features Scott Davis outlining key concepts from his new book, The Shift. Continue reading →

Published 07-10-2009
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How to Invest in Branding: The Harrah's Story

In this 90-minute web seminar, Kevin O'Donnell from Prophet and Lisa Marchese from Harrah's will discuss how the largest casino operator in the world uses brand to compete and win in a fiercely competitive and ever-changing market. Continue reading →

Published 02-21-2008
WEBCAST: Choosing the Tools For a Unified Content Strategy

To select the right software, concentrate on strategy first. This webinar will help you navigate the intimidating landscape of content tools by creating clarity around your strategy, identifying gaps and requirements in your content operations, and providing a framework for rating tools that make the final cut. Follow these steps to eliminate vendor options at every stage, making the final selection process far easier. Then you’ll ensure that you are picking only the software that will successfully execute your chosen content strategy and help your company stay relevant by attaining the highest levels of digital maturity. View the recording here. Continue reading →

Published 08-24-2016
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[WEBCAST] The State of Consumer Healthcare: A Study of Patient Experience

There is a vital change happening in healthcare: People are demanding to be treated as savvy consumers, who deserve choices, convenience and fair prices. The same revolution of consumerism that’s shaking up the way the world buys financial services, airline tickets and groceries is finally underway in healthcare. And as healthcare options multiply, this trend will only accelerate. Providers who are ready to respond by creating a strong patient experience are going to win, and those who aren’t will be left behind. This webinar will discuss the patient experience study which was conducted to understand the consumer healthcare experience by assessing the gap between patient and providers’ expectations and perceptions, and arm institutions with the ability to assess their own organization, define a successful strategy, and deliver on it. Please listen in. To hear the audio that accompanies these slides, watch a recording of our webinar here: To view the Patient Experience Study microsite, click here: Continue reading →

Published 03-30-2016
Driving Organic Business Growth

Growth is simply a word until you execute against it. So why do so many growth strategies fail to take hold? Many companies fail to overcome the gap that exists between identifying where to drive growth and how to execute against it. Filling this gap requires understanding sources of customer demand and developing a plan to execute against them. At Prophet, our unique approach to driving growth is based on a simple but often overlooked insight - companies don't drive growth; customers do. Using our proprietary Demand Map, we help you map consumer demand and translate that into an effective execution plan. In other words, we not only help you identify where to go to drive growth, but how to get there. For more, visit Continue reading →

Published 04-30-2014
Interested and Interesting: Episode Four

You’d be surprised at the lessons you can learn from a whale. Dr. Joy Reidenberg, professor of anatomy and functional morphology at Mt. Sinai, has made it her career to expose these lessons. Joy looks to nature for inspiration to solve human problems. Today we look to Joy for a new approach to a common business concern – adapting to change. Just as whales and other organisms have adapted to dramatic change in the natural environment, companies need to adapt to ever-changing business climate. What can we learn from the processes of change in nature that we can apply to our organizations? To answer this question, Joy discusses the evolution of whales and how nature can teach us some unique lessons. We also talked to David Aaker, Prophet’s Vice Chairman and the author of the best-selling book Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant, for a valuable business perspective. [Music brought to you by: Greenland]  From Prophet’s curator and provocateur team, Interested and Interesting is a monthly exploration of the business of brand, marketing, innovation, digital, design, and analytics. Hosts Geof and Josh introduce listeners to inspiring stories that engage and illustrate business principles in an abstract, provocative way. Our goal – to inspire listeners and liberate ideas to help drive business growth. Continue reading →

Published 09-11-2012
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Change Agent Webinar Series: Transforming the Work of Marketing with Walmart

Scott Davis discussed transforming the work of marketing with Stephen Quinn, the CMO of Walmart, for a 30 minute Power Break as part of our Change Agent Webinar series. Listen, learn and enjoy! Continue reading →

Published 03-22-2012
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David Aaker about Brand Relevance on Bloomberg

David Aaker talks about Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant on Bloomberg. Continue reading →

Published 06-30-2011
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Where they look, what they see: How signage connects brand to your customers.

Andres Nicholls shared the podium at National Retail Federation's 100th Annual Conference with Chris Borek of Target and Rich Gottwald of ISA. The trio discussed how to use signage to connect with your customers in engaging and compelling ways. Continue reading →

Published 02-25-2011
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Peter Dixon on Prophet’s Six Sources of Inspiration

Listen to excerpts of Peter’s speech from the 2010 CMO Conference in Zurich. In it, he discusses how to integrate brand, business and design strategy to create a compelling customer experience. Continue reading →

Published 10-01-2010
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FutureForum 2010 Panel Discussion

Four dynamic Chicago business authors, including Scott Davis, share their fresh insights and perspectives about what it takes to compete and spur growth in our complex and changing business environment. Continue reading →

Published 01-27-2010
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Making Marketing Smarter Amidst the Cuts

In this economy, budget cuts may well be necessary to survive. In this Aquent-sponsored AMA webcast, Fred Geyer outlines how businesses can use their existing intelligence to address five tough questions and rigorously guide how best to reduce and reallocate their budgets in difficult times. Continue reading →

Published 03-26-2009
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Evaluating Marketing Mix Tradeoffs: A Case Study of UnitedHealthcare

This webcast features Andy Pierce, Senior Partner, and Chris Gibson, CMO of UnitedHealthcare. The seminar discusses Prophet's work with UnitedHealthcare in assessing the effectiveness of their marketing communications efforts and identifying the link between spending on brand building, brand awareness, and member enrollment. Continue reading →

Published 10-09-2006
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[WEBCAST] The Six Stages of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is one of the most important trends shaping how companies, work, market and innovate. It’s surprising that there hasn’t been a model that shows business leaders how to digitally transform their companies…until now. During this webcast, Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, unveils the first maturity model for digital transformation and provide an overview of his report “The Race Against Digital Darwinism: Six Stages of Digital Transformation.” View the recording: View the report: View the slides: Continue reading →

Published 05-23-2016
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The Data Driven Business

Data is moving from being a by-product of business to its lifeblood. Across industries, from sole proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar companies, data is informing and driving businesses and, increasingly, becoming not only the enabler of products and services, but central to the product or service itself. Organizations that wish to compete in the data economy must look at their data not only as a technology issue, but as a strategic asset to be used for competitive advantage. In this webinar, Susan Etlinger will discuss her latest report which lays out the key use cases for data-driven value creation, presents examples of organizations that are using data creatively and effectively, outlines the most pressing issues and opportunities, and presents best practices that show how data strategy can transform organizations. Watch a recording of our webinar here: To view the Data-Driven Business Report, click here: Continue reading →

Published 03-10-2016
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The New Brand Normal - It's Really Not So New, And It's Anything But Normal!

Continue reading →

Published 03-20-2014
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Change Agent Webinar Series: Transforming the Work of Marketing with Gap and Electrolux

Our 4th Change Agent webinar focused on innovation, and we showcased leading marketers sharing their transformative stories. Our featured speakers:- Seth Farbman, Chief Marketing Officer, The Gap - MaryKay Kopf, Chief Marketing Officer, Electrolux  The landscape is changing rapidly and marketers must change along with it. They need to play a critical role in helping their companies not only survive, but thrive. That's why we are committed to transforming the work of marketing: ensuring marketing is no longer just about ads and spreadsheets, but rather it is about driving innovation: creating bigger ideas, relevant offerings, engaging experiences, and new opportunities.  Seth and MaryKay discuss how they are addressing the challenges they are facing, developing marketing strategies and organizations that work, sharing best practices, and more. Continue reading →

Published 07-13-2012
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Brand Relevance, Revisited.

David Aaker, Vice-Chairman of Prophet, wrote the best-selling book, Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant, which was recently named one of the top business and marketing books of 2011 by several leading publications including strategy+business, Ad Age, and more. In this webcast, David revisits key case studies from his book and updates them with current industry trends and best practices for the future. He explains why and how incremental innovation isn't enough anymore - it must be transformational. Continue reading →

Published 02-15-2012
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Brand Relevance - The Live one

Watch the interview of David Aaker on BNET about his new book, Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant. Continue reading →

Published 06-08-2011
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ABC News Now - David Aaker's interview about Brand Relevance

David Aaker talks to ABC News Now about his new book: Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant. Continue reading →

Published 01-27-2011
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How Global Companies Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Brands

Competing successfully in the new reality requires effective use of digital media. As marketers, we've all asked questions, experimented with different mediums, and learned new things. It's time to leverage this thinking and experimentation, and start driving business growth. Continue reading →

Published 05-17-2010
Scott Davis Speaks at FutureForum

Scott Davis gives a presentation outlining key concepts from "The Shift." Continue reading →

Published 01-19-2010
More about Scott M. Davis
Waste not/want not - Helping Marketers Meet the Accountability Imperative

This 60-minute webinar features Prophet Chairman and CEO, Michael Dunn, presenting concepts from his new book, The Marketing Accountability Imperative. Learn more about The Marketing Accountability Imperative Continue reading →

Published 03-26-2009
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Key Elements for Building A Content Strategy

In this webcast, Omar Akhtar and Mat Zucker discuss findings from their content strategy report which helps companies decide which content archetype is best suited to help them deliver on a customer need, while meeting a business goal as well. Learn the sequence of steps that build upon this archetype to create a formalized content strategy that minimizes content waste, aligns multiple teams around a common vision, and helps them deliver on a unified customer experience. View the recording: Key Elements For Building a Content Strategy View the report: Key Elements For Building a Content Strategy View the presentation Slides. Continue reading →

Published 04-24-2016
More about Mat Zucker and Omar Akhtar
The Brand Relevance Index: Brands Consumers Can’t Live Without

We asked more than 10,000 U.S. consumers just that - and their answers, both expected and surprising, led to Prophet's first ever Brand Relevance Index. The Brand Relevance Index ranks the brands who best connect, engage and inspire their customers. At Prophet, we believe that relevance is the most reliable indicator of a brand's long-term success. It's not enough to be relevant to a consumer at any one moment in time. A brand must earn and re-earn consumer loyalty at every point throughout the customer journey - again, again, and again. A brand must be relentlessly relevant. This webinar featuring Prophet's Chief Growth Officer, Scott Davis and Associate Partner, Jesse Purewal, will discuss the Brand Relevance Index, companies that were ranked highly by consumers and key takeaways that will help you build a relentlessly relevant brand. To hear the audio that accompanies these slides, watch a recording of our webinar here: To view the Brand Relevance Index, click here: To learn about the 4 principles of relentlessly relevant brands, click here: To understand the themes consistent among the Top 50 Brands, click here: Continue reading →

Published 01-25-2016
Webinar: How Google & GutCheck are Enabling Agile Market Research at Leading Brands

As a marketer or researcher in the digital age, it has become increasingly difficult to gain the timely insights needed to keep pace with business, let alone stay within budgets.This webinar will provide an overview of Agile Market Research, enabled by on-demand quantitative and qualitative solutions, and how this new technology-enabled approach is allowing marketers and researchers to obtain real-time insights and rapidly identify winning concepts, ranging from new product ideas to creative executions, in a matter of days.Google Consumer Surveys and GutCheck will discuss how two clients have leveraged Agile Market Research to yield faster, higher quality decisions and concepts than would have otherwise been impossible using traditional research approaches.SPEAKERS:Jon Sadow, Business Development, Google Consumer SurveysMatt Warta, Co-Founder and CEO, GutCheckBrad White, Partner, ProphetMODERATOR:Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association Click here to view a recorded version of this webinar. Continue reading →

Published 05-08-2013
Brand Relevance Revisited: Aaker On Global Best Practices

We had such a positive response to David Aaker’s Brand Relevance webinar earlier this year that we held a reprise that highlighted some additional European and global case examples. The webinar was based on Aaker’s latest book, Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant, which has received several awards including Advertising Age’s 'Ten Marketing Books You Should Have Read' and strategy+business 'Best Business Books 2011:Marketing.' In his book, Aaker argues that brands should turn away from destructive brand preference competition to focus on winning the brand relevance war. David presented concepts from the book highlighting European and global case examples including Audi, BMW, Becks, others. He also outlined the 4 key principles to beating competitors at the relevance game, all while growing your business and share of wallet. Continue reading →

Published 05-03-2012
Change Agent Webinar Series:Transforming Work of Marketing with Universal, Nationwide, US Cellular

This webcast is part of our Change Agent series, where we showcase leading marketers sharing their transformative stories. Our featured speakers:- Mike DuBoise, Sr. Vice President, Customer Marketing & Category Management, Universal Studios Home Entertainment- Paul Ballew, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist, Nationwide Insurance- John Coyle, Senior Director, Customer Strategy and Marketing, U.S. Cellular Continue reading →

Published 12-18-2011
How Do You Deliver Bad News?

David Aaker talks to Fast Company and 30secondmba about the best way to communicate bad news. Click here to watch the webcast. Continue reading →

Published 03-25-2011
More about David Aaker
Peter Dixon on Workplace Branding

In this video, Peter discusses the importance of workplace branding, and answers questions such as: Why workplace branding? How does it relate to strategy? What are some examples of really effective workplace branding? Continue reading →

Published 01-27-2011
More about Peter Dixon
David Aaker presents: Tracking Brands in Japan

In this YouTube video, David Aaker presents at the Haas School of Business as part of the David Aaker Distinguished Lecture Series in Marketing. Continue reading →

Published 04-28-2010
More about David Aaker
Business Matters Video Podcast: Scott Davis

This 10-minute video podcast features an interview from the BMA Annual Conference with Scott Davis, author of The Shift: The Transformation of Today’s Marketers into Tomorrow’s Growth Drivers. Continue reading →

Published 08-24-2009
More about Scott M. Davis
David Aaker presents Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative

In September, 2008, Prophet proudly sponsored the first-of-its-kind European CMO Summit, themed “The Future of Marketing.” In this video, David Aaker discusses his upcoming book, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative. Continue reading →

Published 10-15-2008
More about David Aaker