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  • Brand Portfolio Strategy

Are you maximizing the value of your brand portfolio?

As brand experts, we are experts and seminal thinkers in brand portfolio strategy. We’ve written books and articles on the topic and have a customer-centric and experience-driven approach to solving the issues that maximize the value of your portfolio.

When faced with a complex or inefficient brand portfolio, the key to success is having as few brands as possible but as many as needed to win at every customer interaction. Let us help you optimize your brand portfolio strategy today.

Services we offer:

Portfolio Strategy

Architecture Design

Migration Roadmap

Naming and Nomenclature

Case Studies

Problems we solve:

How do I create a successful brand portfolio strategy?

How can I use brand portfolio and architecture to maximize business results?

How can I construct a brand portfolio strategy to become relentlessly relevant to my customers?

How can I avoid customer confusion when building a brand portfolio strategy?

How can I think like a digital native when creating a M&A portfolio?

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“The key challenge with brand portfolio and brand architecture is hitting the sweet spot between two competing tensions – having as many brands as necessary and as few brands as possible.”

Marisa Mulvihill,

Are you ready to maximize the
value of your brand portfolio?


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