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Have you defined your digital selling priorities?

There has been an undeniable shift in how customers buy. Today’s customers have more access to product information earlier on in the buying journey and digital interactions and self-service channels are replacing calls and meetings. The past year has been a multi-year acceleration of a digital selling shift.

We’ve seen companies leverage enhanced digital selling practices to drive growth. These companies are using new data, channels and tools to increase sales productivity, deepen relationships with their customers and generate demand.

However, this shift brings with it new challenges. Externally, companies are having to revisit their digital strategy and scale capabilities, while internally having to align on tools, processes and mindsets. We’ve also seen convergence between Marketing and Sales teams to drive the digital selling shift.

Prophet helps companies break down the barriers between Marketing and Sales activities to drive more impactful collaboration through the sales funnel. Prophet also works with companies to create a focused set of tools and solutions that help sales teams convert leads and drive uncommon growth.

Services we offer:

Business Case Development

Content Marketing

Demand Generation

Change Management & Operating Model

Prospect & Nurture Flow

Capability Roadmaps

Data & Integration Strategy

Measurement & Analytics Planning

Case Studies

Problems we solve:

How do I assess my company's digital selling maturity?

How can I accelerate my digital selling efforts?

How can I use digital to drive customer relationships in the pandemic and after?

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"Seamless digital selling has accelerated by 5-10 years in 2020 and has become a necessity for all businesses. Marketing and Sales leaders will need to converge to fast-track efforts against this shift."

Hanif Perry,

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