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Does your M&A approach require a new playbook?

Many deals (mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs) leave money on the table by not managing customer-facing (marketing, branding) or employee-facing dynamics (employee engagement, culture) early enough in the process or with the required rigor. Both customers and employees are largely absent from the typical IMO playbook.

Our M&A strategy consultants use advanced analytics to help make many of these important decisions. Our solutions can drive significant post-deal economics, including customer retention, share acquisition, marketing cost optimization and longer-term growth. We’ll help you address questions like:

  • What is the right go-to-market product and brand portfolio architecture post-deal?
  • What brand name(s) should be used going forward?
  • How can the firm drive sales and growth opportunities through the new asset base?

We then use customer-facing decisions to help companies maximize the value of their teams by addressing questions like:

  • How will we enable the culture change required?
  • What new capabilities or organizational shifts are needed?
  • What is the fundamental promise we need to deliver to both retain and attract the right talent?

Prophet’s M&A strategy consulting practice is uniquely positioned to help drive growth while minimizing risk. We’re here to help companies like yours maximize the value of M&A deals to achieve long-term leadership positions in dynamic, changing industries.

Services we offer:

Brand Portfolio Strategy

Brand Asset Valuation

Name & Brand Architecture Scenario Modeling

Post-Deal Growth Moves


Customer Experience

Employee Value Proposition

Culture and Engagement

Case Studies

Problems we solve:

How do I become an evolved enterprise after a M&A?

How do I create a successful M&A strategy?

How do I think like a digital native in my M&A portfolios?

How to I turn a small acquisitions into a big business transformation?

How do I power brand growth after a merger?

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“Customer obsession is what distinguishes the world’s most successful companies. It can enrich deal-making, too.”

Josh Feldmeth,
Senior Partner

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