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Is your healthcare organization struggling to transform and remain relevant to its customers?


To stay relevant in today’s increasingly digital and disrupted markets, healthcare organizations need to transform. Amid industry demand for lower healthcare costs and better outcomes, disrupters– including companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Walmart– are raising people’s expectations.

To compete, healthcare organizations must become fiercely consumer-centric, creating patient experiences that encourage consumer engagement and drive loyalty. It’s not just about winning with people the moment they choose a provider, plan or medicine. It’s about staying connected,  helping them manage their healthcare journey. We work in all sectors of healthcare, across pharma, providers and payers, guiding them to innovative growth strategies that power these essential business transformations.

Problems we solve

How to move from customer experience strategy to designing experience products?

How to drive digital marketing excellence in an organization today while transforming for the future?

How to digitally transform a healthcare organization to become more agile and customer-centric?

How to build brand relevance and loyalty in key customer segments?

Case Studies



“Healthcare organizations that are consumer-centric are seeing significant gains not just in patient satisfaction, but also in health outcomes.”

Jeff Gourdji,

Services we offer

Culture & employee engagement

Organizational design & operating model

End-to-end patient experience strategy

Product, service & touchpoint design

Market sizing & value proposition development

Digital marketing & sales strategy

Brand positioning

Brand portfolio & architecture

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Is your healthcare organization ready
to become more consumer-centric?


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