• Growth Acceleration

Where will your business find its next wave of growth?

Successful business growth requires an understanding of unmet or underserved customer needs, and quickly developing new offers and customer experiences that deliver on them. In order to make the most impact, companies need to act faster than the competition and do so in a sustainable, practical way.

Using our unique capabilities and engagement models, Prophet helps build integrated plans that drive success and growth for your business in both the short and long term. We collaborate with key stakeholders to build a business growth plan that will drive the most impact for your organization.

The bottom line? Prophet enables businesses to accelerate growth quickly and profitably — mobilizing your organization, instead of disrupting it.

Problems we solve

Where should we look for our next wave of business growth?

Who are my most valuable customers today and in the future?

What is my roadmap or plan to win?

What is the right set of moves to drive growth quickly and profitably?

Case Studies



"Creating stickiness and paving the way for new opportunities is one of the fastest routes to sustainable growth."

Tony Gardner,
Former Senior Partner

Services we offer

Marketing and Customer Insights


Go-to-Market Strategy

Growth Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Activation

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