• Brand Design and Identity

How can design change the way we think and work?

The world needs design. With it, words transform into action, concepts into reality and ideas into experiences. At Prophet, we help our clients grow better by harnessing the collaborative power of design to bring ideas to life. Our team believes great design is the result of a multidisciplinary approach; where business strategy influences brand expression and where customer needs define new and engaging brand experiences.

We provide the bridge from strategy to real world brand experiences that drive impression, emotion and behavior. The world needs design, and we have a team that is passionate in our work with clients to create the most amazing brand experiences.

Our Services:

Brand Identity: Logos, Visual Systems & Brand Guidelines

Retail and Workplace Environment Branded Design

Retail Roll-out Plans

Sensory Branding

Brand Activation

Brand Launch Planning and Events

Employee Engagement Programs

Case Studies

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