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Are your customer-centricity efforts driving growth?

Financial Services

The financial services industry has become increasingly complex given changing market dynamics. New competitors, disruptive technologies and shifting consumer expectations all point to an industry that is ripe for change. To remain relevant, companies need to adapt or risk being left behind.

At Prophet, we take a customer-centric view of how to manage this evolving landscape. That means understanding where to play and how to win to unlock the potential of your financial services brand and the relationships you have with your customers.

With change, we see opportunity, and are here to help companies tap into their full potential to remain and gain relevance in the future.

Problems we solve

What does the future of financial services look like and how can I win?

How do I use customer data to unlock opportunities?

How can I drive value across complex value chains in the insurance industry?

What does it take to become a digital-first institution?

Case Studies

MB Bank

Global Investment Advisory Firm

"Innovation is booming, driven by an unbundling of core infrastructure services. Customers have more choices than ever before. For firms at risk, the urgency to transform has never been greater."

Saurabh Wahi,

Services we offer

CX Strategy and Design

Value Proposition Development

People-Focused Culture

Customer Data Opt-In Strategy

Business Model Transformation

Customer-Centric Innovation

Brand Positioning Portfolio Architecture

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